Catering Services


We capture moments. We’re storytellers and we let our food speak.


Feel free to view some of our delicious sample menus below. We are always able to customize and accommodate for any special diets and/or food allergies. Contact us for pricing.

Our cocktail bites, or "canapes" are small bites rooted in flavour. Start by selecting seven bites for us to create an exquisite display, additional options are available but we've found seven to be the perfect number. This menu is tailored to an ingenious host looking to plan a unique experience with small bites that are thoughtful and filling. Upscale and served in an artistically orchestrated manner allows guests to eat and mingle. This is truly a cocktail party that creates an aesthetically appealing ambience with details dotted with an "i". The options are endless, our creative flavours are second to none. Bringing creative visions to life, every party is customized to reflect your style and vision. We aim to please.


Option requires service. To be served or delivered (no server). Minimum 20 guest count.  

Food stations or "food carts" are interactive stations that serves hand-held bites or small plates to your guests in a buffet style. From Chefs live and on-site shucking fresh oysters to creating a crepe with your favourite toppings, we continue to artistically present our amazing signatures in a personalized approach. Ideal for groups of all sizes including large-scale events with an unique diversity. Our food stations provides a more relaxed setting versus a formal sit-down supper. Made-to-order, food stations are interactive, hands-on and always outside the box. Seasonal and impeccable, our food stations are ever-changing and Pinterest-worthy! 

Option requires Chef Services or delivered (no server). Minimum 25 guest count. 

A party is not a party without some bubbles or liquids to pair. Our skilled bartenders can shake-you-up some exclusive cocktails and be the life of your party. Preserve offers a charming beverage menu showcasing exceptional mixes. Not limited to cocktails, wines and beer options are available. Don't worry, we didn't forget the juices and soft drinks, each cocktail selection can be made virgin.


SAP Licensing and Bartending Service required. Minimum 20 guest count.