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7-course herbal dining experience

murder mystery with live entertainment by Dj @youlovepoon & burlesque performance by Pastel Supernova

Next POP-UP Dates:

Thursday June 13, 2019- New Chef’s Menu-TBA

Thursday, July 11, 2019-New Chef’s Menu-TBA

Thursday July 18, 2019- New Chef’s Menu-TBA

Sponsored by NECTAR & POLLEN CBD Honey Sticks, Hush Kush Originals, Brianne Burnell, Preserve Indulgence & BuudaBomb

Club Eden, 21 +

Club Eden exists in harmony. free-thinking, and within a community of wellness advocates. Exclusive to 19 + club members only, we invite you to enjoy elevation with our cannabis-infused multi-course supper. This is an experimental dinner series to destigmatize the stoner culture with food as an art. Hosted by Preserve Indulgence, home of Toronto’s first pop-up supper club.

Pairing spiritual awakening with reality moments, we like to indulge in great food, art and embrace our differences at the dinner table. Find yourself fine dining with other like-minded foodies, solo adventurists, people who want a good time or maybe simply someone who can inspire your life. We want to present you a fascinating time where we enjoy life's greatest gift, the ability to connect. Our events are designed to bewilder your senses and thought-provoking energies.

A better breakdown of our suppers consists of seven courses, an edible story leading you from a light and crispy to a sweet finish. Peculiarly, we like to do different, strange and stranger. The presentation is key. We welcome discomfort, love, vulnerability, new and old, intellectual chaos and dialogue.

Enjoy healing your soul in a communal setting and be prepared to take the leap to eat, drink and watch. Amusé just for your mind, refreshing your bite and often providing holistic insight into your soul.

Let’s get you feeling and eating really good again. After all, this is a new beginning, a new phase, a new way of living.

Chef's Menu, 7 Multi-Course (Sample)

"High Tea"

egg, taro, black olive tapenade, wasabi caviar

"Welcome to Weeden"

Scallop, honey, scallions, lime, sesame oil, dash broth

"Stop Trying to Make everyone happy, if you’re not a blunt"

red cabbage, octopus, king mushroom, smoked paprika carrot puree, morning glory

"It's a party. It's a Party."

rainbow candy, sake, shiso, grapefruit, bacon


Chives, crab meat dumpling, edible gold

"Always Be Strong"

brisket, scallions, bonito, red cabbage, thousand year old egg, lobster chip

"To The Moon"

Blue cheese, sweet corn cake, weed honey

Add-on option $45 Libration Flights. Optional CBD infused beverages for an extra lift.


Puff puff pass

Thyme, Earl Grey, CBD honey


blackberry, CBD honey, mint, coconut milk


Orange, pineapple, CBD honey, charred lemon, rosemary, tonic

Saturn's Return

beet juice, elderflower, CBD honey, apple cider, lemon


Total pricing is inclusive; burlesque show ticket, taxes, gratuity and swag bag included. Secret Location will be in downtown Toronto, exact address only available for attending guests. Regular supper club rules apply. Please be prepared to show ID before entry, 21+ event.

#betajane #clubedento

Burlesque performance by Madame @pastelsupernova.


– Always made with love –

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